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Dermy Diamond and Tara Bingham Diamond

Tara & Dermy Diamond


Review of 'Seanchairde' on

‘These folk just sneak up on you! You do this for a living and, of course, you’ve heard it all so why do they still sneak up and bite yer bum! Just a trio, it tells you on the booklet so you definitely have heard it all before. But not like this. This swings gently…

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Seanchairde Review by Toner Quinn

Excerpts from a Review by Toner Quinn, see  The Journal of Music, Vol. 1, No.2, June/July 2009, p.57. for the full review. Dermy Diamond, Tara Diamond and Dáithí Sproule Seanchairde / Old Friends 3-Scones-2008-001 “The fiddle-playing of Dermy Diamond is the revelation on this trio recording.” “Diamond’s playing is likely all the better for the comfortable…

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