Seanchairde Review by Toner Quinn

Excerpts from a Review by Toner Quinn, see  The Journal of Music, Vol. 1, No.2,
June/July 2009, p.57. for the full review.

Dermy Diamond, Tara Diamond and Dáithí Sproule
Seanchairde / Old Friends 3-Scones-2008-001

“The fiddle-playing of Dermy Diamond is the revelation on this trio recording.”

“Diamond’s playing is likely all the better for the comfortable group setting of wife Tara on flute and friend Dáithí Sproule on guitar. All from Northern Ireland – Dermy, Belfast; Tara, Co. Down; Dáithí, Derry – the style of music on Seanchairde / Old Friends is less regional and more a reflection of thirty years of travel and sessions throughout the traditional music scene in Ireland.”

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